Recognition of Work of employees

It is very important to recognize the work on employees not only in terms of compensation but also in some intangible form and front of the public. If you have not started giving public recognition to your employee’s then start it now before it’s too late. Every month a day can be picked up and the employees can we rewarded basis their work.

To start with, you can do the following things

  1. An employee of the month
    Management and employees should nominate and vote for employee of the month. Employees would love to get their work recognized on a public platform. When the management gives the reward of “Employee of the month award” they should tell and explain in detail as to why this employee was chosen over others, tell about the work and the parameters on which the recognition was given would encourage other team members and the employees to work hard and contest for the award. Also, employees would get motivated that there work is being given public recognized and this would act as a catalyst for they being working with an extra effort for the organization
  2. Rewarding of Teams
    The company should also reward teams that have worked hard. Rewards could be simply giving a team lunch, shopping voucher or and movie tickets to the team. This would encourage teamwork and employees would be getting a break as well from their routine work in office.
  3. Mutual Appreciation among teamwork
    To build a collaborative team culture and better workplace relationships mutual appreciation is very important. This activity can also be conducted once a month where a Hi-Fi can be given to the employee who has helped you in any form in the organization. The company can also give a badge, which the employees can wear to work in the form of Hi-Fi .
    For example a new employee can give it to someone who has helped him in getting settling down in the organization, can also be given to the delivery team who has completed the task in time.
  4. Special Awards
    This can be in the form of company goodies or movie vouchers. These would be random on the spot awards like punctuality award for the person coming in time to work; regular attendance awards to the person who has taken least holidays in the month well dresses employee can be chosen. There can be several awards kept every month which gives a feel of “We Care” to the employee.
  5. Recognize your employees’ personal accomplishment
    The employee would be very elated if his personal accomplishment is recognized. From getting a new house to donating blood, running a marathon or getting married are brought to the public then employee would be very happy as he will feel that his personal things and life are also valued and not only official work.

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