On-Boarding of employees in ProH2R

On boarding of employees in an organization is a very crucial function. If the on boarding process is easier and smooth, the employees also like and enjoy the same and it is less tiring for the management as well.

Benefits of making the on-boarding process automated

  • Reduced turnover
  • Decreased stress
  • Higher engagement and job satisfaction
  • Long-term loyalty and commitment
  • Reduced time to productivity
  • Management can utilize their time in other things
  • Less bothersome process

In ProH2R the on boarding process is hassle-free and the employers can easily bring the people on board.

In this section the employer needs to fill in the basic information of the employees in a given format. Once the details of the employee are saved in a file they can be uploaded in bulk on individually depending upon the requirement on the portal.

  • In this section the following features are available
  • Uploading of salary details of the employee
  • Defining of CTC templates
  • Inviting employees to join the portal
  • Updating and deletion of employee profiles
  • Self uploading of employee documents
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