ProH2R the future of HR Automation

It’s no secret to any organization that the human resource department is one of the most important functions of any organization.

HR is a company’s human resource multiplier. The functions of an HR professional focus on the company’s greatest resource of all – its employees. Without good employees, the best business plan and ideas will fail.

Apart from hiring resources, there are other functions also of the HR that are very crucial and if not done properly then the full company and its pupil can suffer. It is very important to perform all the functions of HR systematically to avoid any errors.

ProH2R is an automation tool for HR of an organization which will help reduce the human errors in the HR system and also allow them to concentrate on other things like employee engagement, employee retention, etc.

ProH2R is innovative human resource software for small businesses to make the HR system automated and systematic.ProH2R stands for a Profession Hire to Retire Management Software. ProH2R helps the organization in the process of enhancing the efficiency of the HR department by freeing employees from tedious manual tasks of maintaining records, documents, and other data physically and allowing them to focus on complex tasks of decision making and building strategy for the betterment of the employees.

ProH2R will help employer and employees to build the gap of communication between both the parties by following an automated and accurate system of generation attendance and payroll. It will also reduce the cost of HR department in an organization. It is ready to use HRMS tool with various functionalities.

ProH2R has the following mentioned modules and features which enable the Hr in its various process

An employee-friendly leave policy can motivate employees towards the growth of the organization. Option of gifting leaves to the employees who have exhausted there can also be the part of the policy. Mentioned are a few leaves which can be included in the leave policy plan

  • Organization Set-up
  • Employee On-boarding
  • Employee On-boarding
  • Expense Management
  • Attendance
  • Leave Management
  • Separation
  • Dashboard
  • Geo-Fencing Feature

Basically ProH2R is highly customized software which help you to define different working rules for different departments within your Organization. With a flexibility to assign different working hours to assign different expense templates to employees, track attendance and time spent at work, manage their leave.

ProH2R is the need of the 21st century which gives you full control and yet flexibility to manage your organization in your style.

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