How to convince your CEO when you are an HR?

There are times when you have a great idea in mind but it does not get approval from the senior level. If you in the HR team you may face this situation commonly.
Before presenting the idea to him prepare data to back it with giving strategic reasons and benefits that the employee and the organization would get if your idea gets implemented.
Don’t get dishearten we have listed a few ways that can help you convince your management about your ideas.

Finding successful companies doing the same
Do a thorough research of the idea and telling the companies which have already implemented the same and are running successfully. This would help the senior level officers to gain confidence in your idea. It will also help them understand the need to implement the same in your organization.

Play with Numbers
One thing everyone loves at the CEO level is numbers. Prepare charts and numbers that give validity to your idea. Show if your idea gets implemented what the organization is going to gain on in terms of cost, revenue, and attrition rate and employee engagement.
Numbers are something which can bring sure luck to your idea.

Get a go-ahead from departments
Before you present your idea to the management get an approval from the related department it will help in giving a boost to your program for approval

  • Legal
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Brand
  • IT

Benefits of the program
Do an in-depth study about the benefits of the program

  • Cost Benefits
  • Employee Benefits
  • Strategic Benefit -Benefits that the organization would get in the long run on the implementation of the program

Corporate Image
An idea that helps in building a corporate image is always good. This helps the company in building a strong image in front of the clients and employees as well. A company with a good corporate image would attract more people to get a job in the same and also companies to invest in them.

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