Ways to Improve Employee Retention

Increasing employee engagement in the company can be a tricky situation. As an employer, one needs to ensure that employees are passionate about their work, and that they come to the office everyday eager and enthusiastic to start their jobs.

To keep your employees around one need to keep them engaged and happy, which how so ever is not an overnight process.

Here are some tips which can help the organization to improve employee retention.


The retention process would start from the time the company starts hiring the employee. Hiring strategies for turnover prevention are valuable to keep in mind as you grow your team. Therefore it is important to look for flexibility and versatility in the candidate’s profile.

Also while posting any job online or offline one should work on presenting the companies profile in such a manner that it clearly highlights the importance of the employees of one’s company and people working in the company are the most important assets.


It is very important what image is being portrayed of the company while a new persons joins in therefore the hiring manager of the company should make sure that he allots an individual to the new joinee who can introduced the system in a positive note to the new person.

Also the hr should initiate in having regular meeting and lunch with team for the new joinee to have a positive and good impact.

Keep up with the industry standards

There should be a half year or an yearly review of the market and the best practice should be implemented in terms of salaries, position and up gradation in leaves. If any of the employees compare their current scenario with industry they feel motivated and happy to be in a better situation.

Unique Benefits

Unique benefits are very important for employees. The company should offer fringe benefits to the employees so that they do not look out for other options.

These benefits can include corporate discounts in restaurants, resorts and hotels, gym membership, special packages on health check-up.

All this would result in low attrition rate.


The more flexible you are, the more likely your employees will stick with you through the different phases of their lives. Flexibility means the company in flexible in working hours, different shifts, work from home is available and also the employee has the access and freedom of talking to the management and the seniors of the company.

Career Growth

If the company believes in growing with the employees there are chances that the retention of the employees is high. The company should work on employee personal career growth and also provide him regular trainings for his personal growth.

Recognition of Work

One of the very important ways of retention is recognition of work publically. Regular awards and appreciation in meetings will motivate and encourage employees to work hard and also they would not look out for options of work outside your organization.

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