How does payroll work in ProH2R?

Payroll is one of the most important functions of HR and it requires a lot of time and paperwork if done manually.ProH2R has automated this process, thus saving time energy and also bringing inefficiency.

In this article, we will explain to you the payroll module in ProH2R and its working.

The first step is to do the setting for payroll, you can set what month to run the payroll and who will approve payroll.

In the next step decide the various allowances, contributions and deductions of the payroll.


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Fixed Allowance

Create the fixed allowances/components of the employee salary depending upon the organization requirement.

Variable Allowances

Create the category of the variable component of the salary.

Employer Contributions

Create employers contribution under various heads and also decided how ill this contribution happen, it is percentage-based or annually.

Fixed Deductions

Create fixed deduction categories from the employee salary

Variable Deductions

Create variable deduction categories from the employee salary

Employee Deductions

Here categories would be created which has to be deducted from particular employees like salary advance.

CTC Templates

In this feature different CTC templates can be created combining the various deductions, allowances, and contributions already pre-defined.

Run Payroll

Here you can run the payroll of the organization for a specific month for all employees. In this feature there is an option of putting employee salary on hold also. Salary sheets can also be downloaded from this section.

Pay Slips

In this section, you can check monthly pay slips and publish the salary slips.

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