Recognition of Work of employees

It is very important to recognize the work on employees not only in terms of compensation but also in some intangible form and front of the public. If you have not started giving public recognition to your employee’s then start it now before it’s too late. Every month a day can be picked up and the employees can we rewarded basis their work.

To start with, you can do the following things

1. An employee of the month Management and ...

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Common Mistakes while making the payroll

A smooth payroll process is very important for an organization; it is the lifeline of human resources. A good payroll system will keep the employees happy but any mistake occurring in the same will negatively affect the organization and can also cause legal action.

Here are a few mistakes mentioned which are made while making the payroll

Miscalculation of Working Hours ...

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How does Organizational set up module work in ProH2R for an admin

Once you sign up you can start configuring your ProH2R account starting with Organization set – up which is the first step.

  • Company name
  • Location
  • Number of employees
  • Number of payroll
  • Company signature and so on ...
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How to convince your CEO when you are an HR?

There are times when you have a great idea in mind but it does not get approval from the senior level. If you in the HR team you may face this situation commonly.
Before presenting the idea to him prepare data to back it with giving strategic reasons and benefits that the employee and the organization would get if your idea gets implemented.
Don’t get dishearten we have listed a few ways that can help ....

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Ways to Improve Employee Retention

Increasing employee engagement in the company can be a tricky situation. As an employer, one needs to ensure that employees are passionate about their work, and that they come to the office everyday eager and enthusiastic to start their jobs.

To keep your employees around one need to keep them engaged and happy, which how so ever is not an ....

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How does payroll work in ProH2R?

Payroll is one of the most important functions of HR and it requires a lot of time and paperwork if done manually.ProH2R has automated this process, thus saving time energy and also bringing inefficiency.

In this article, we will explain to you the payroll module in ProH2R and its working.

The first step is to do the setting for payroll, you can set ....

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Employee expectations from the HR department

The human resource department is one of the most important arms of any organization. All the functions falling under this department are of uttermost importance, especially employee satisfaction.

To have a highly productive and happy workforce one needs to understand the requirement and expectations of employees from the HR department because they are the face of management to the employees in a company.

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Geo-Fencing –All you need to know about

In an organization, different projects have a variety of requirements. The shift timing of employees has a lot of variation. Scheduling shifts and monitoring attendance of different shift is a cumbersome task for HR teams. If an organization is using the age-old process to keep track of paper and excel, it is wastage of time, energy, and resources.

The need of the hour is the advancement of technology and making this ..

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How does attendance and leave module work in ProH2R?

Attendance and leaves are the most important and crucial part of HR functions. It requires a lot of manual work at ProH2R we have attempted to make the system fully automatic for accurate results and automated results.

In this write-up, we will explain to you the features of attendance and leave module of ProH2R.

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HR Automation - The Future of Human Resource Process Management

The human resource of a company is the most vital process, which includes the hiring of candidate, processing payroll, making company policies and much more.

All this system has been a manual process where the hr team puts in a lot of effort in maintaining the system like generation and computation of salaries of employees...

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Key to successful HR strategy

The role of the HR department has evolved over the years, transitioning from the traditional “hire and fire” arm of the business to a strategic position. Today, HR departments are not only responsible for recruiting new talent and on boarding employees, but also establishing a positive workplace culture and ....

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On-Boarding of employees in ProH2R

On boarding of employees in an organization is a very crucial function. If the on boarding process is easier and smooth, the employees also like and enjoy the same and it is less tiring for the management as well.

Benefits of making the on-boarding process automated

  • Reduced turnover ...

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ProH2R the future of HR Automation

It’s no secret to any organization that the human resource department is one of the most important functions of any organization.

HR is a company’s human resource multiplier. The functions of an HR professional focus on the company’s greatest resource of all – its employees. Without good employees, the best business plan and ideas ...

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